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Awakening Wisdom Online Courses

Wondering if a part of you has been asleep at the wheel or just looking to discover who you really are?  Has chronic stress, adverse childhood experiences, continuous demands, anxiety or overwhelm buried the person you long to be?  Have you forgotten what brings a smile to your face, makes your heart sing, and allows you to experience peace of mind and contentment?  Do you only rarely get a glimpse of the person you used to be or have always wanted to be or do you feel uncertain about the direction you’d like to take? 

For many of my clients, they find there life is lacking the luster they once hoped for. Some days it’s hard to get going because there isn’t much to look forward to. Some days their heads are spinning from the get go, scanning for what needs to be done as they juggle the multiple competing demands of family, household, projects, school or work responsibilities and deadlines. Others spin just trying to find something meaningful to do. Both can be painful and stressful. Did you know that inadequate relief of chronic stress is the main reason people get sick and develop chronic disease?  Let these feelings be your Wake Up Call and guide you to realize you are SO ready for a shift…

I’ve been working with clients for over 25 years who just want some answers and to better understand themselves so they feel more confident and empowered to handle life’s demands. I have witnessed remarkable transformations when my clients get inspired, feel supported & nurtured, and are given the know how to navigate their way through these storms.  My Awakening Wisdom Programs offer practical tools, strategies and exercises that are based in neuroscience and timeless wisdom and help my clients gain and understanding of their mental health so they can get out of emergency mode, restore emotional balance and access their “Wise Mind”.  All of this translates into feeling calmer, more focused, more responsive and connected.  This then leads to a more harmonious life, one in which you actually feel good and confident more often than not, instead of constantly feeling out of balance and like you have to always be on the defense.

This 8 Week Online Course offers the following:

  • Weekly topic specific instructional video and audio files
  • Weekly worksheets and/or exercises to shift emotional patterns & help to create new neural pathways
  • Several Mind-Body tools for restoring emotional balance
  • Weekly Q & A Group Zoom Sessions
  • Individual Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Access to our help desk via “Brain Booster” email requests
  • Access to downloadable Bonus Materials 
  • Access to our Private Facebook Groups & Alumni Forums
  • Access to a 30 day 1:1 Follow-up Consultation

If any of this resonates with you, I’d like to personally invite you to visit with me and get 100% clear about what’s holding you back from experiencing greater ease & joy, less anxiety, less emotional reactivity, more self trust and an improved quality of life. I love to help bridge the gap between any current pain and potential for clients just like you. If I can’t help, I’ll at least steer you towards a different next step. If you’d like to have this conversation, let’s make it happen.

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