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business solutions

Mind Potential Northwest offers a variety of Business Solutions that translate into having happy, healthy, creative, inspired, focused, productive, and well-rounded workplaces.  Professional Development & Performance Training, as well as Specialized Group Programs and Customized Workplace Wellness Programs, all cultivate competencies, improve an organization’s profitability and effectiveness, and make the  work environment a more enjoyable place to be.  In today’s challenging economy, your company needs to be resourceful.  Improving morale and reducing workforce turnover, while rendering better utilization of time, energy, and resources, can result in substantial financial savings while reducing your experience of stress.

Your Business can use a customized program from Mind Potential Northwest if you desire to shift the workplace and get the following results:

  • Clear Performance Expectations for Each Role in the Company
  • Stronger Leadership & Team Management
  • Increased Inspiration, Creativity& Vision
  • Increased Professionalism & Accountability
  • Improved Decision-Making, Focus, Strategic Planning
  • Improved Composure & Fewer Costly Mistakes
  • Reduced Health Care Costs – Reduced Injuries & Illnesses
  • Reduced Stress & Burnout
  • Decreased Absenteeism & Less Turn-Over
  • Improved Employee Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness, & Satisfaction
  • Improved Consumer Satisfaction
  • Improved Communication & Conflict Resolution

Professional Development & Performance Training is suitable for a Company’s CEO, Management Team, Executives and Top Employees who need to be able to make decisions, think rationally, respond quickly, problem solve, concentrate, manage multiple demands, and stay focused.  If the brain isn’t on board, even the most capable of employees will make mistakes.  An “offline” brain is more likely to be negative, more distracted, less creative, more anxious and aggressive, and to exhibit detrimental lapses in judgment.  Any individual operating from this brain state will respond to daily demands without thinking—making impulsive, reactive, and shortsighted decisions. All of these factors negatively impact business performance and sustainability at any level of an organization.

Performance Training using EEG Biofeedback / Neurofeedback / Brain Training, targets the essential competencies and attributes your CEO, Management Team, Executive, and Top Employees need to work optimally.  These include eliminating distractions, improving focus, reducing the effects of stress, and maximizing creative potential.  This brain training technique is often combined with Professional Development Coaching to maximize results and allow the individual to perform at his or her best, under any condition.



Performance Training in the workplace offers brain-based techniques
to counteract the deleterious effects of stress in the business environment,
while promoting optimal mind-body functioning.


For more information on the use of EEG Biofeedback to improve Job Performance, check out the Performance Training Page or read more about it in the blog posts in the Business Category.

Specialized Group Programs and Workshops offer companies an opportunity to plant seeds and promote personal well being, healthy communication, improved interpersonal relationships and workplace harmony. This can be an effective way to address stress and manage change during times of downsizing or corporate restructuring. Topics offered have included the following:

The HeART of Leadership: Authenticity & Collaboration
Creativity& Enjoyment:  The Anecdote to Stress & Burnout
Love What You Do and Do What You Love: Improving Morale & Workplace Climate
Bringing Forth Your Inner Resources: Maximizing the Workforce Potential
Graceful Change:  Navigating Today’s Workplace
What Are You Waiting For:  Increasing Motivation, Productivity, Efficiency, & Effectiveness

Group Program fees vary depending of group size and program components.

Workplace Wellness Programs are available for businesses who seek a cutting edge, comprehensive approach to addressing workforce health risks, reducing absenteeism, and controlling rising Health Care costs due to illness & injuries.  Additionally, these programs improve productivity, promote sustainability, and reducing overall financial spending.  The formula is to spend money on a Wellness Program so you can save money on Health Care, sick leave and employee turnover costs, while making more money because your employees are better able to perform when they are motivated, clear headed, and healthy.


Workplace Wellness Programs have shown a return on investment from $3 to $15 per dollar invested, usually within 12 to 18 months of program implementation.

For more information on the benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs, check out the blog post in the Business Category on this site or call (503)757-9557 to discuss a Workplace Wellness Program that is custom designed to address your needs and achieve your desired outcomes.

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