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Neuro-Performance Training for Executives & Top Employees

Neuro-Performance Training is a fancy term for enhancing the mental fitness of Executives, Athletes, Performing Artists, or anyone desiring to be better at what they already do  best.  It involves the application of EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback to fine tune the hub of the Central Nervous System — the Brain.  This allows for better communication between various parts of the brain which for many people has been interrupted, or slowed down because of stress, sleep deprivation, attention regulation problems (Adult ADD/ADHD), past experience, biochemical imbalances, head injury, or physical health issues.  Neurofeedback addresses these deficits by training the brain to fire in patterns that support a calm, alert presence of mind, healthy physiological functioning, higher levels of thinking, and a balance between emotional regulation and cognitive processing.

A Company’s CEO, Management Team, Executives and Top Employees need to be able to make decisions, think rationally, respond quickly, problem solve, concentrate, manage multiple demands, and stay focused.  If the brain isn’t on board, even the most capable of employees will make mistakes.  An “offline” brain is more likely to be negative, more distracted, less creative, more anxious and aggressive, and to exhibit detrimental lapses in judgment.  An “offline” brain responds to daily demands without thinking—making impulsive, reactive, and shortsighted decisions. All of these factors negatively impact business performance and sustainability at any level of an organization.

Neuro – Performance Training through Northwest Insight, LLC gets the brains of your top Leaders back “on-line”.  A customized program is available to meet your business needs.  For more information see the Peak Performance section of my website or check out a YouTube video or contact me today at or call (503) 757-9557 to discuss a program to meet your needs.

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